Developing database applications? You need data!

Every database developer understands the need to test database applications with a certain amount of sensible data.

But how do you get such data? Using our Advanced Data Generator, of course!

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I just created some dummy data with your Test Data Generator - extremely well done. That's what I always wanted!

Martin Lehmann

Why Generate Test Data?

  • No existing data available
  • Test without modifying current company data
  • Data without privacy concerns, e.g. for presentations
  • Test unusual cases and different situations
  • Start tests from a known state, be able to revert to this state
  • Stress test with large amounts of data before deploying applications: volume requirements
  • No need to enter all data by hand

Generate Sensible Data

With the Advanced Data Generator you will generate sensible data, data that looks like real data, thanks to the included data libraries and documentation on how to generate specific types of data.

This also avoids embarrassing moments during presentations when developers entered gibberish when testing their changes.

Many data types supported

Many data types are supported: text, large text, binary, numbers, integers, date & time, boolean and GUIDs.

Each of these types has different available data settings, e.g.: "random value" or "random file from folder".

You can create templates for most of these types, e.g. "one to five", or "Dutch postal code" to re-use over different projects.

Complex Multi-table Data

The Advanced Data Generator allows you to generate complex data over multiple tables related to each other.

Check the sample project video for information on this.

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