Want to know what's new in version 4 of the Advanced Data Generator?

New User Interface Features

  • HiDPI aware: tested with scaled fonts and includes a set of large toolbar images and object icons
  • Larger toolbar icons for increased usability
  • Browser based documentation, Microsoft Compiled Help Viewer no longer required
  • Better support for non-English locales
  • Automatic backups of user data
  • New demo-project video, can be watched without Flash player
  • Streamlined user interface experience, less clicks required

Additional sample and useful data

  • New, more complex sample project (see video)
  • New French first and family names added to data library
  • New German first and family names added to data library
  • New Italian street and city names, first and family names added to data library
  • Additional sample data files

New Edition and Data Target

There is an Access specific addition: can use Access databases only and comes at a lower license price.

Added JSON data files as a new data target. Allows for creating JSON files for database or data exchange testing.

Support for binary data in XML and YAML files.

New Data Features

New features to generate data include:

  • Ability to generate data for tables multiple times in the same project
  • Macro improvements, including multiple macros to generate a single value
  • Ability to create numerical values bases on previous value (eg: statistical data)
  • Better support for binary files
  • Improved 'lookup'-features
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