The Advanced Data Generator offers many ways to generate data, from simple random values to complex referential data.

The following sections is are available here:

  1. Many features, easy to use
  2. Extensive documentation
  3. A demo video of the example project
If you have questions, feel free to ask via our contact page.

Many features in an easy-to-use application

It's easy to use a database

Because the Advanced Data Generator Pro uses ODBC and ADO to connect to data sources, it's easy to use different databases or other data sources.

There are file-based ODBC drivers as well (e.g.: for Excel files), so you can use those data sources as well.

Many Ways to Generate Data

  • Random values
  • Increasing values
  • Referential values: values from another table
  • Values based on another value in the same row
  • Values from a list
  • Values from a file
  • Files from a folder
and much more...

Ability to use existing data

You can use CSV files to import data or use it as a source of referential data just like you would do with a table.

Or use a table, view or custom SQL query in the current database or an external database as the source for looking up data.

Re-usable templates

Create templates to re-use specific data settings or as a way to keep certain macros.

Sample templates are included, some of which are used in the example project.

Extensive Documentation

How To Generate...

The "How To" section in the documentation helps you to create your project as it provides step-by-step instructions on how to generate particular items of data.

For example, if you want to generate "business names", the documentation explains how to do that, even matching domain names for websites can be generated!

More Detailed Documentation

You can read much more in the documentation, there's detailed information on how to register data sources, how to create projects, all the different data settings and the included data libraries.

You can view the documentation online as well.

Demo Video

The Advanced Data Generator comes with a set of database scripts to generate an example database on which you can run the example project.

The video you can watch here, is an explanation of that project and shows some advanced features in the Advanced Data Generator.