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Database Workbench is a powerful tool to help in developing database applications. It has numerous tool to create and modify, query and test, manage and control your databases at multiple servers and multiple types of database engines, all from a single and consistent user interface.


Although Database Workbench supports multiple types of database engines, it is by no means a "generic" tool - with Database Workbench, you have access to server specific features, ranging from license management to specialized object editors.


Depending on your license, you might or might not have access to certain types of database engine and screenshots in this help will differ from the actual program used by you. In general, however, everything stays the same. The tools will work the same for all database engines supported.


Currently supported database engines are:


Borland InterBase - - see Database Workbench & InterBase

 Versions: 7.x and up.

Firebird, Open Source - - see Database Workbench & Firebird

 Versions: 2.1 and up.

Microsoft SQL Server - - see Database Workbench & MS SQL Server

 Versions: 2005 and up.

MySQL, Open Source - - see Database Workbench & MySQL

 Versions: 5.0 and up.

Oracle Database - - see Database Workbench & Oracle

 Versions: 9i and up.

NexusDB - - see Database Workbench & NexusDB

 Versions: 3.0 and up

PostgreSQL - - see Database Workbench & PostgreSQL
       Versions: 9.1 and up.



Database Workbench comes in multiple editions.


Completely new to Database Workbench?

Read the Getting Started section for a quick introduction!