Getting Started - Your First Start

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The first start

When starting Database Workbench for the first time, Windows Firewall or a 3rd party Firewall application might popup a warning similar to this:


Windows Firewall dialog


Make sure to "unblock" or "allow" the "dbw_srvr6.exe" process to listen for and accept connections. This is the local configuration database server application needed for Database Workbench to operate properly. If you fail to unblock in time or get an error after unblocking, please restart Database Workbench.



Database Workbench is a powerful tool to help in developing database applications. It has numerous tool to create and modify, query and test, manage and control your databases at multiple servers and multiple types of database engines, all from a single and consistent user interface.


Although Database Workbench supports multiple types of database engines, it is by no means a "generic" tool - with Database Workbench, you have access to server specific features, ranging from license management to specialized object editors.


Welcome Window


Upon your first start, Database Workbench will ask you to register a server - you need to do this in order to work with Database Workbench. Once you have registered a server and have a list of available databases (this is depended on the type of server you have), you can connect to a database and browse the schema.


Alternatively, you can register a server from the Server Manager or the Welcome Window, see above.


Database Workbench comes with several tools that can be divided into the following areas:


Object Editors
Productivity Tools
Conversion and Import Tools
Testing Tools
Standardization Tools
Diagramming Tools


Learn how to use the tools, get used to them and increase your productivity, make sure to read the Tips & Tricks section.


And don't forget to take a look at the User Interface.