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Each type of object has it's own special Object Editor in Database Workbench. These editors are database engine and version specific - so if you're using multiple database engines with Database Workbench, the editors may differ between them.


For a short introduction on the Object Editor user interface and layout of the editors in general, see Getting Started - Object Editors.


The Object Editors will also check for reserved keywords and SQL 92/99 standard keywords and depending on your database engine capabilities, it will issue a warning or an error, before sending the create statements to the server.


The following editors are available:


SQL Editor

Script Editor


The following Schema Object Editors are available:


Domain Editor

Table Editor

View Editor

Materialized View Editor

Stored Procedure Editor

Stored Function Editor

Package Editor or Stored Module Editor

Trigger Editor

Type Editor

Collection Type Editor

Index Editor

Constraint Editor

Sequence (Generator) Editor

Exception Editor

External Function Editor

Synonym Editor or Alias Editor


The following Database Objects Editors are available:

Assembly Editor

Scheduled Job Editor

Database Trigger Editor


The following Security Object Editors are available:

Role Editor

User Editor

Schema Editor


Depending on your the server type used, you might have access to all or a sub-set of these editors.