Package Editor

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Supported for


Firebird (v3 and up)

Postgres Advanced Server


Packages are modules that contain multiple Stored Functions and Stored Procedures that can run on the server - thus without the network traffic involved in pulling data to a client and processing it there.


The Package Editor offers the possibility to create, alter and drop these modules. If you add or drop a package, the Packages node in the Database Navigator tree-view will display the change as well by adding or deleting the procedure from the list.


Below is an example of the Oracle Package Editor:

The Oracle Package Editor


The "{..}" button will turn the current line or text selection in the source editor box into a comment, or remove the comment from the current line.


The tree view at the left (1) shows the Package Explorer, your package is parsed and different methods and code blocks are shown in this tree. Clicking on an entry takes you to the method in the source code.


At the bottom of the edit window (2), there's two tabs: Header and Body. If your package has both, you can use these to switch between them.


The Package Editor provides a Syntax Check by using the syntax check button in the toolbar, the bottom area of the Package Editor will display any errors and message.


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