Backup Database

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If you regularly plan on creating a backup for a certain database, use the Backup and Restore nodes in the Enterprise Manager. These will use backup and restore projects, saved to a file, so you can re-use them at a later time.


For a quick backup, simply use the Backup Database node in the Database Navigator or from the context menu for a database in the Enterprise Manager via Administration & Maintenance | Backup Database. Both options will show the dialog below:



Database Workbench does not perform the backup, it instructs MySQL to create a backup and waits for the result.


The Backup Database Dialog


Click OK to start the backup, this might take a while and Database Workbench will be unavailable while waiting for MySQL to finish the backup.


An explanation of the options:


Server alias.



A drop down with all available databases on the given server.


Backup folder

A valid folder local to the server, not your workstation PC. The "browse for folder" dialog works only on your local workstation PC.


Backup all tables        

A check box that let's you backup all tables without selecting them.


Available tables/Tables to backup

Lists the available tables (tables with storage engine MyISAM) and tables selected for backup.