Tools - Data Pump

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The Data Pump tool has several settings that can be edited before transferring data. You can set the default options to use here.



These settings will only be used if you check the Use default options checkbox. If you load a project in the Data Pump, the saved settings will be used.


The following options are available:

Records per single transaction

This tells you how many records should be transferred before a database COMMIT is executed. Failed INSERT attempts do not count towards this limit. If you enter "0", all rows of the source will be transferred to the destination in a single transaction.

Transfer all data in a single transaction

This will wrap the transfer process of all source-to-destination items into a single transaction.

Do not COMMIT if an error occured

Don't commit the transfer of records when at least 1 record cannot be inserted.

Empty tables before data-transfer

Empties the target tables before starting the transfer. This will empty all the tables that are participating in the data transfer process.

Disable indices/triggers/constraints

If the target database engine allows it, these objects can be disabled before starting the data transfer, they will be re-enabled afterwards.