CSV file Lookups

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You can use CSV file Lookups to use or import existing or legacy data into your data generator project.


Select a CSV file and you will see a sample of it's data, like in the screenshot below.


CSV file example


Depending on the specifications of your CSV file, the data may appear incorrect, make sure to select the correct column delimiter and text delimiter.


If the first row of your file is descriptive column header data, check the first row is header checkbox. The first row will then be ignored as being non-data.


In the grid you can select the column which you would like to include in the Lookup definition.


Importing a CSV file into a table

By using a CSV file lookup and selecting all columns, you can fully import the contents of a CSV into a table.


Here are the steps to take:

1.Define a CSV file based lookup and select all columns, use Unique as the select-mode
2.In the Item Settings, tab Rows, select All Rows from Lookup as the method of generating data
3.Select the CSV file based lookup in the Lookup box
4.Expand the item in the tree view and for each column/parameter of the item, select Value from Lookup as the way to generate data, select the CSV file based lookup, then the CSV column for your database column and Lookup Defined as the select-mode.


When generating data, the item will receive all rows in the CSV file.