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"Advanced Data Generator 4" is a powerful tool to generate so-called "test data" in the databases for your applications. It includes a library of real-life-like data and has several features that make the test data as real as possible.


With the 'Pro Edition', you can connect to any ODBC or ADO datasource, making the Advanced Data Generator a very generic tool for all database engines. In addition, there's several database engine specific editions that come at a lower license price.



The Advanced Data Generator supports "Templates" for column/parameter settings, allowing you to re-use specific data entries.


It also comes with a library of real-life-like data, for example (but not limited to):

male first names

female first names
company names
US state codes
city names


For more information on how to generate specific (types of) data, see the How To topic.


Filler items supported

The Advanced Data Generator can generate data directly into your database by using:

Stored Procedures
Custom SQL statements (INSERT INTO ...)


In addition to generating into a database, it can also generate to:

SQL Scripts
CSV Files
XML DataPacket Files
YAML Files
JSON Files


Datatypes supported

The Advanced Data Generator supports generating data for the following data types:

Numeric data
Character data
Date/Time data
Large binary or character data


See the Data Types topic for a detailed list of supported data types.


Completely new to the Advanced Data Generator?

Check out the Sample Project, check the How To section and read the Getting Started topic.