We would like to inform you, that FB TraceManager will reach Product End of Life (EOL) with end of November 2022 from a commercial perspective.

Main reason is, when reflecting last years demand for such a specialized niche product for a free beer Open Source RDBMS like Firebird, business-wise it doesn't make sense to continue providing paid licenses on a commercial basis, with the responsibility for on-going product updates, support and the needed investment for doing so.

FBTM was a joy to build over many years, partly even together with Firebird core engine developers to shape/improve the Firebird Trace API in general.

We strongly believe, FBTM is still an excellent product, adding great value to any sort of Firebird usage when performance mattered most. It fully supports up to Firebird V3, with some incompatbilities in the MON$ tables area, even Firebird V4.

The most recent version of FBTM from October 2020 - V3.7.0.14 - seems to be rock solid (no customer complaints since two years) and still may add value to any sort of Firebird installation, thus we run some sort of heavy 70% discounted EOL sale, in case you want to upgrade to the latest available version, before it will vanish from a commercial perspective.

If you are interested, click here and use the coupon code: FBTM-EOL