Upscene Productions is proud to announce the availability of FB TraceManager 3.5.3, a minor maintenance release in the 3.5 series.

In 3.5.3 we have added UI docking support, extended the support for Firebird 3 and fixed minor bugs.

"The initial release of 3.5 a few months ago was highly anticipated by our customers", says Thomas Steinmaurer, product manager for the LogManager Series and FB TraceManager.

"V3.5 offers full Firebird 3 support in all areas including Trace API and per-database monitoring. Trace data processing throughput has been increased by up to 300% resulting in less suspended trace sessions on the Firebird server. Several pre-defined purge time-frames may help to get rid of persisted trace data from the FB TraceManager repository."

UI improvements including extensive docking support ala Visual Studio, more insight into problematic trace session states (suspended, failed etc.) and an aggregated live view of trace events improved the usability considerably. Although FB TraceManager being a 32-bit application, the increased RAM usage capabilities to 3GB (32-bit Windows) / 4GB (64-bit Windows) my help in 24x7 uptime scenarios.

Click here for more information on FB TraceManager.