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Upscene Productions introduces free Database Workbench Lite and Sybase SQL Anywhere support

Upscene Productions expands it's current product line by introducing Sybase SQL Anywhere support to Database Workbench Pro as well as introducing 2 free Database Workbench Lite versions.

Sybase SQL Anywhere support
Version 3.2 of Database Workbench Pro includes Sybase SQL Anywhere support as a new module, this module has a price of Euro 99 and can be added to current licenses of Database Workbench Pro.

"Database Workbench Pro has become increasingly popular", says Martijn Tonies of Upscene Productions, "we continually get requests for supporting different databases engines and adding modules to it. By creating Sybase SQL Anywhere support, we're tapping into a new area of the database tools market and allowing people to increasing their productivity by using a single third party tool instead of having to switch between database engine vendor tools and get accustomed to different working environments."

Free Lite Editions
The free Database Workbench Lite editions offer support for only a single database engine and despite having less features are still very useful products.

"By creating these free Lite editions, we offer people a chance to get used to Database Workbench during their day-time jobs or their hobby work, we hope they appreciate it", says Martijn Tonies.

You can download a trial version of Database Workbench Pro or download the free Lite editions and get more information about pricing.