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Database Workbench Pro v3.1.1 released!

We are proud to announce Database Workbench Pro v3.1.1, a bugfix update to v3.1 released last January.

Version 3.1.1 Fixes

  • #1417 - Trial version doesn't work correctly with Vista
  • #1368 - MySQL - Fetching available storage engines fails on MySQL version 5.0.51a, worked fine in 5.0.45
  • #1326 - InterBase - Editing constraint raises " Options can not be empty in ExtractDDL "

Version 3.1 Changes Highlights

  • New features and enhancements in Conceptual and Physical Diagramming
  • InterBase and Firebird Trigger Debugger
  • New options in Schema Compare
  • GUI improvements
  • Ability to use Oracle 11g
  • Diagramming usuability improvements
  • Many bug fixes...

Version 3.0 New Feature Highlights

  • Conceptual and Physical Data Model Diagramming
  • ADO/ODBC Explorer
  • "Workspace" Feature for increased usability
  • Increased Oracle support (object types, collection types, object tables and more)
  • Increased MySQL support (events, spatial extensions and more)
  • Oracle Stored Code Debugger
  • Code Editor enhancements (parameter insight, parenthesis highlighting)
  • File Compare Tool
and much more...

For a complete list of changes in version 3.1, please see this page.