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Advanced Data Generator v1.7.0 released!

Version 1.7.0 has some tweaks, MySQL related fixes and improved documentation.

There are four versions available of this tool:

  • Pro Edition
    Supports ADO and ODBC connectivity, a very generic but powerful tool

  • InterBase Edition
    Supports InterBase, better datatype recognition and faster than via ODBC/ADO

  • Firebird Edition
    Supports Firebird, better datatype recognition and faster than via ODBC/ADO

  • MySQL Edition
    Supports MySQL via direct connectivity, better datatype recognition and no MySQLLib required

The Advanced Data Generator is a powerful tool that cannot be missed in any database developers toolbox, the Advanced Data Generator allows you to easily generate real-life like data into your database or SQL scripts for testing purposes. With user-defined presets, complex value support and the included data-libraries, you will have a huge database up and ready for testing in no-time.

The Advanced Data Generator is optimized for speed and can generate hundreds to thousands of rows per second (depending on server configuration).

More information on the Advanced Data Generator page.

A trial version can be downloaded here and pricing information can be found here.