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Database Workbench v2.8.1 released!

We are proud to announce version 2.8.1 of Database Workbench, the next major release of our popular cross database engine developer tool. Version 2.8 offers new features like Microsoft SQL 2005 and MySQL 5 support and version 2.8.1 includes enhancements for Firebird 2 and many bugfixes to the Oracle and SQL Server modules.

New Features

Version 2.8.1 and 2.8.0 includes new features like:

  • TIFF support in BLOB Editor
  • Firebird 2.0 PSQL support in Stored Procedure Debugger and Syntax Check
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005/SQL Express 2005 support
  • MySQL 5 support
  • Increased Oracle support (v8, 9 and 10)
  • Two-way Visual Query Builder
  • Create INSERT script from any ODBC datasource
and much more...

Enhancements and bugfixes

Version 2.8.1 and 2.8 also includes many enhancements to make development easier and many bugfixes in many areas. Enhancements include:
  • New "SQL Insight" module
  • Code/SQL Editor enhancements
  • Many user interface enhancements
  • MySQL query "explain" automatically available in SQL Editor
  • More complete Schema Migrate/Compare features
  • Automatic image-type recognition in BLOB Editor
For a complete list of changes in version 2.8.1, please see this page.

For a complete list of changes in version 2.8.0, please see this page.