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Advanced Data Generator v1.6.0/v1.6.1 released!

Version 1.6.1 fixes two errors in the Pro and MySQL Editions:

  • "Invalid date/time value" when using NexusDb v2 ODBC driver (Issue #309)
  • NULL-ability of columns reported incorrectly on MySQL 4/4.1 (Issue #346)

Version 1.6.0b fixes an error with ODBC connections: Issue #295

This new version of the Advanced Data Generator brings you support for MySQL Stored Procedures, Microsoft SQL 2005 support and several fixes.

There are four versions available of this tool:

  • Pro Edition
    Supports ADO and ODBC connectivity, a very generic but powerful tool

  • InterBase Edition
    Supports InterBase, better datatype recognition and faster than via ODBC/ADO

  • Firebird Edition
    Supports Firebird, better datatype recognition and faster than via ODBC/ADO

  • MySQL Edition
    Supports MySQL via direct connectivity, better datatype recognition and no MySQLLib required

The Advanced Data Generator is a powerful tool that cannot be missed in any database developers toolbox, the Advanced Data Generator allows you to easily generate real-life like data into your database or SQL scripts for testing purposes. With user-defined presets, complex value support and the included data-libraries, you will have a huge database up and ready for testing in no-time.

The Advanced Data Generator is optimized for speed and can generate hundreds to thousands of rows per second (depending on server configuration).

More information on the Advanced Data Generator page.

A trial version can be downloaded here and pricing information can be found here.