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Database Workbench v2.7.1 released!

Version 2.7.1 of Database Workbench is available for download now. It has several fixes for bugs discovered in version 2.7 - which was the first release including Oracle support.


  • Added "comment" toolbar button/shortcut to Package Editor


  • Possible assertion error removed when closing database connection
  • Assertion error removed when creating new Domain, Exception, Rule, Package, Default
  • Duplicating Table/View didn't mark columns as editable
  • IB/Fb: fixed a rare error when exporting data resulting from select-able stored procedures. This would result into Access Violations or no data exported.
  • IB/Fb: trigger position clash detection didn't check timing or operations
  • IB/Fb: access violation fixed for Create SUID Procedures for tables without a primary key and unchecking "output generator value"
  • Fb: fixed debugging error with "row_count", also appears in the tool tip evaluation now
  • MSSQL: executing a prepared statement with comments would reprepare it and not execute it
  • MSSQL: fixed an issue with BIT parameters
  • ODBC: Possible error with BLOB/widestring datatransfers fixed
  • ODBC: error messages were cut off at 255 characters
  • Oracle: removed access violation when switching between header/body in the Package Editor if there was no package
  • Oracle: adding/dropping columns for an existing tables wasn't reflected in the Database Navigator
  • Oracle: "quick browse" and "Data" tab on Table Editor had read-only resultsets