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Database Workbench v2.6.0 released!

We are proud to announce version 2.6.0 of Database Workbench, this version offers small new features, enhancements and bugfixes based on user feedback after the latest release.

New Features

  • InterBase 7.5 Temporary Tables support
  • MSSQL: allow FKs to be created to Unique Indices
  • MySQL: added ability to register additional databases at a server to which you don't have access with the user name you used to register the server
  • Added "Copy as RTF" to Code Editors
  • Added Multi-Level Clipboard Tool
  • GUID support for ODBC in DataPump


  • Misc GUI improvements
  • IB/Fb: Confirm automatically adjust registration dialect when registered with the wrong dialect
  • MSSQL: more error messages before saving constraints
  • MSSQL: creating a database now allows you to enter your own logical filename besides physical names
  • MySQL/IB/Fb: more error messages before saving Procedures
  • Syntax highlighter supports "system functions" as a seperate item to be highlighted. Check the Preferences for this.
  • Preferences setting for "empty line is separator" in SQL Editor
  • SQL Editor: "Options" drop down button
  • TDG:
    • emptying tables in backwards order
    • improved error handling and reporting
  • Added "Select All/Deselect All" buttons to Schema Compare and Schema Migration Wizards/Dialogs


  • Failing to connect to a server when expanding a node in the EM now doesn't spawn multiple error dialogs
  • "interface not supported" error when modifying an object while having the DB Navigator tree, "depending objects" openen that included that object
  • Describe Companion: no longer loses selection when auto-refreshing details
  • Hopefully an AV fixed upon closing the SQL Editor
  • Possible AV fixed when disconnecting from a database
  • Fixed error when disconnecting from db when there are disconnect errors: EM would list the db as "connected"
  • Schema Compare:
    • fixed AV issue when collecting script
    • fixed "not including indices/triggers/constraints for new tables" when collecting scripts/showing compare results
    • some minor GUI issues
    • "ignore case" attribute was ignored when searching for columns
    • Domain set when migrating single column to MS SQL wasn't set
  • IB/Fb: fixed an error in the debugger wrt numeric constants
  • IB/Fb: fixed a bug with the debugger and BLOBs
  • IB/Fb: check constraints could show up as triggers in the depending objects for older databases
  • IB/Fb: using the "Recompute index selectivity" on a Indices list in a table would give an error
  • MSSQL: fixed a problem with attaching databases that moved locations between detach/attach
  • MSSQL: fixed a problem with attaching databases on server v7
  • MSSQL: fixed possible error when retrieving PK information
  • Starting the ML-Clipboard without anything onthe clipboard would get you a "list index out of bounds (0)"
  • AV fixed when right-clicking the source grid in the DataPump without a connection
  • AV fixed when dropping a PK after selected a certain node
  • DataPump now allows dragging by image instead of text only
  • FetchAll flag on a per-database engine basis
  • Using the Visual Query Builder in the View Editor adds text without overwriting previous text
  • No more black rectangle (Windows XP) when connecting to a database
  • Database Navigator: Count rows SQL didn't include owner name
  • Statement Recorder: kept using TERMINATOR for IB/Fb instead of current database engine (eg: MSSQL)
  • DataPump: better "auto-map" name matching, matches including "owner" for MS SQL