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Database Workbench v2.5.5 released!

We are proud to announce version 2.5.5 of Database Workbench, this version offers small new features, enhancements and bugfixes based on user feedback after the initial 2.5 release.

New Features

Version 2.5.5 includes new features like:

  • InterBase 7.5 "embedded user authentication" support
  • Ability to search all types of constraints
  • DataPump: empty tables (in reverse order) before data transfer
  • Some drag/drop improvements for Proc/Func/Trigger Editors
  • InterBase/Firebird:
    • "code insight" in the Stored Procedure lists parameters and variables. Use :[pause] to only list parameters and variables.
    • Stored Procedure Editor right click has a "Insert Variables" dialog to quickly insert a list of variables
    • "code insight" in the Trigger Editor also lists "old.[columns]" and "new.[columns]"


  • IB/Fb: Modified Plan Analyzer images to conform to images used with MS SQL plan analyzer
  • IB/Fb: Debugger: breakpoints can be enabled/disabled with a checkbox in the Debugger Breakpoints window
  • Fb: Firebird 2.0 Query Plan supported
  • MySQL: added new MySQL 5 keywords
  • Stored Procedure Editor: improvements wrt inserting field-names
  • BLOB Editor caption shows selected column
  • ability for custom aliasses in the Query Builder


  • IB/Fb/MSSQL: Duplicating triggers would use default fireops/timing in you selected "edit before saving"
  • IB/Fb: changed tab-order of Role box on "Connect As" dialog
  • IB/Fb: "Modified DDL" wasn't properly extracted for Roles
  • IB/Fb: Column Specials triggers didn't extract SET TERM statements
  • IB/Fb: fixed SP parsing problem with IF (param like )
  • IB/Fb: array columns cannot be part of SUID procedures
  • IB/Fb: Shadows weren't listed under the Storare/Shadows node
  • IB/Fb: when recompiling all procedures, the wrong procedure could be displayed when an error occured
  • IB/Fb: fixed an error with disabling triggers during DataPump process
  • Fb: fixed a small Procedure DDL error (double terminator)
  • Fb: fixed DDL terminator error with descriptions and procedure DDL
  • Fb: procedure descriptions would be extracted twice in a full script
  • Fb: switching windows while backing up/restore a database would trigger question "Start backup/restore"
  • MSSQL: couldn't drop DB Users -> "interface not supported" error
  • MSSQL: fixed a DDL error with disabling/enabled triggers from the editors
  • MSSQL: fixed regional setting issue with "database space usage" window
  • MSSQL: fetching the default data-dir on non-default instances could fail or be misdetected. This could result in a "Field 'Data' not found" when trying to create a new database.
  • MSSQL: export to INSERT statements didn't export IMAGE columns
  • MySQL: EM didn't show hints for registered servers
  • MySQL: running scripts failed, the statements weren't executed
  • MySQL: database backup failed because of MySQL column name changes
  • Fixed a possible AV in the Blob Editor when trying to load from file without a record available
  • A few small fixes in the Preferences dialog
  • Occasional Access Violation errors when closing the SQL Editor
  • DBF Export always exported all fields instead of only selected ones
  • Double click a Role Member to edit Roles instead of "nothing"
  • Fixes to DB User synchronization
  • Command line DataPump didn't do additional options
  • Test Data Generator would abort if an exception occured when modifying index or trigger state (active/deactivate)
  • Fixed another error with exporting to file and keeping the file locked when an exception occured
  • Modified "Re-compile All Stored Procedures" -> this failed with MS SQL 6.5/MySQL 5
  • Dropping a Stored Function from the DB Navigator failed to sync the internal list of Stored Functions
  • "Search Database" could fail if previously a database was searched that supports more object types