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Database Workbench v2.5.0 released!

We are proud to announce version 2.5.0 of Database Workbench, the next major release for our popular cross database engine developer tool. This version offers new features, many enhancements and a lot of bugfixes.

New Features

Version 2.5 includes new features like:

  • Schema Compare (also cross-database-engine)
  • Custom SQL statement as source in the DataPump
  • New Test Data Generator options
  • Indices, Triggers and Constraints in the Table Editor
  • "Trace Into" functionality in the Stored Procedure debugger
  • New image-formats support in the BLOB Editor
  • Shared SQL/Code Catalogs
  • (Basic) MS SQL Server 6.5 support and MS SQL Server owner-awareness
  • MySQL 4.1 authentication support
and much more...

Enhancements and bugfixes

Version 2.5 also includes many enhancements to make development easier and many bugfixes in many areas. Enhancements include:
  • Removed SQL DMO dependencies (MS SQL Server)
  • New object templates
  • More keyboard-shortcuts
  • Improved and renewed documentation
  • Schema Migrator improvements
For a complete list of changes, please see this page.