How To Use & Notation Conventions

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Welcome to the Hopper documentation. In here you will find several topics that will help you to find your way in Hopper. In the application, press F1 to activate the help (this help file). It will go to the topic that fits the current situation most. If it can't find one, it will go to the main index...


This help file exists of several chapters, each with it's own subject. Don't forget to use the "Index" and "Search" pages of the help.


Some items might be marked "database engine specific", as there are several editions of Hopper for different database systems.


Notation conventions

Menu paths are identified by bold text ( File | Save ) and the Pipe symbol between selections ( | ).
Italic text is used for dialog/window/button captions
Uppercase COURIER FONT is used for keyboard shortcuts.


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Screen shots in this help file may differ (slightly) from the actual program.


Completely new to Hopper?

Read the Getting Started section for a quick introduction!