Package Debugger

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Starting the Package Debugger

Packages are stored code objects with multiple routines. You can expand a package in the tree view and use the context menu on the routine you want to test in order to start debugging.


The Context Menu on a routine inside a Package



If the routine has any input parameters, a dialog is shown so you can edit the parameter values.


Edit values for the parameters


The NULL columns signals a parameter to be NULL, while the Default columns tells the parameter to be the default, if it has a default assigned.


Click OK to continue to the debugger main window after editing the parameter values.


If you start the debugger multiple times for the same routine, there's a Parameter History available. You can click the line in the history to select the same values again.


If there are no input parameters, the dialog will be skipped and we go straight to the debugger main window.


For more information on the debugging process, see Debugger Overview.