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Hopper, named after the late Admiral Grace Hopper for popularizing the term "debugging", is a database stored code debugging tool.


Even though the database systems for which Hopper was created do not have a debugging API, Hopper allows you to debug your stored code (Triggers, Stored Procedures etc) by emulating the server behaviour and logic so that you can step through your code and spot errors you were not able to spot before.


Available Editions

Hopper is currently available for:

Firebird, version 1 and up, open source, free DBMS -
InterBase, version 7 and up, DBMS by Embarcadero -
MySQL, version 5 and up, open source DBMS -


Completely new to Hopper?

Read the Getting Started section for a quick introduction!


What is Hopper and how does it work?

Hopper is a "stored code" debugging tool that aids you in checking the source code running inside your database as called from a "client application". This includes database Triggers, Stored Procedures, Stored Functions and routines in Packages.


Hopper acts as a client application that somehow triggers the stored code to run, in the case of procedures it emulates an execute as if executing from your own application, in the case of triggers, it emulates an SQL statement with data.


Next, Hopper allows you to step through your stored code statement by statement emulating how the server would execute these statements.


Meanwhile, you can set breakpoints (so the debugger stops when you use Run to execute it), evaluate and modify variable values, create watches and run additional SQL statements to check data changes or modify behaviour of the code.