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What's New in V2.6?

What's New in V2.6?

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What's New in V2.6?

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This section discusses the incremental changes in V2.6 compared to V2.5.



Server-based Event Processing Rules


While in previous releases an event rule was strictly bound to a project, starting with V2.6, server-based event rules are supported as well, to consolidate several equal per-project based event rules into one server-based event rule. If you want to learn more about the power of event processing in Enterprise Edition, go to the Event Processing section.



Additional Data in Parsed Trace Data


The following additional data in the parsed trace data is now available:


Raw trace output fragment per trace event
Calculated member "Cache Hit Ratio [%]" as a measure on fetches vs. reads


Of course, both will be persisted into the FB TraceManager database, if you have set the Log To Database option to True.


Server/Database/Project/Trace Session Description


It is now possible to enter/store a multi-line description along a server, database and a trace project. Each time a trace session is started, the trace project description will be used as default description for the trace session. A new Prompt Description trace session project option allows you to overwrite the trace session description upon trace session start. This way, you can "mark" several trace sessions based on the same project with a different description (e.g. "Benchmark Run 1", "Benchmark Run 2 with additional index" etc.)



Bug Fixes and Minor Tweaks


As with every release, bug fixes and minor tweaks for a better product experience have been applied as well.


In general, check out the History section for a full change log.



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