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Reports - Register Report

Reports - Register Report

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Reports - Register Report

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To register/create a new report, select the parent node and then click the New Report sub-toolbar button item. This will open the Report Registration Wizard dialog.




Enter the following information:


1.Display name: This is the text of the node shown in the tree view
2.SQL: Define the underlaying SQL query. Either by hand or by using the Visual Query Builder. Inspect the result set by clicking the Execute Query button
3.Report name: This is the text printed on the report along the report name label in the header of the report
4.Report filename: Path to the physical report file in the file system. If the filename does not include path information, then FB TraceManager 3\Reports is used as directory behind the scene. If the file does not exist, then you will create a new report based on the report base file fbtm_base.fr3


In this dialog, you can print, preview or design the specified report file right away. You can do this via the toolbar in the Tree Node Management screen as well. If it is a new report, then click the Design Report button. This will start the included report designer using the pre-installed template report file. See the Design Report section to get more information on the steps needed to design a new report.


Click Next to get to the dialog to enter an optional description.


Click Finish to finalize the registration process.



What's next: The real power of the Reporting module is defining your own reports with the included report designer. The next section Design Report guides you through the necessary steps to design your own report.


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