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Reports - Basics

Reports - Basics

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Reports - Basics

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Reports can be managed in a freely definable hierarchical tree structure including two type of nodes:




The following screen shows the Reports module with a pre-installed one report folder structure.




The toolbar allows you to execute the following actions, depending on the currently selected node type:


1.Refresh the tree node structure
2.Print the selected report
3.Preview the selected report
4.Design the selected report
5.Add a new report/folder node
6.Delete the selected report/folder node
7.Edit the selected report/folder node (F2)
8.Duplicate the selected report/folder node
9.Execute SQL query stored along the selected report node. The result set will be shown in the Query Result Set area


You can also drag&drop both type of nodes including their child nodes around.



What's next: How to register a new report is discussed in the next section Register Report.


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