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Trace Data Management - Event Processing (New since V1.5)

Trace Data Management - Event Processing (New since V1.5)

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Trace Data Management - Event Processing (New since V1.5)

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The Event Processing module, part of the Enterprise Edition, is a very powerful way to define executable rules/actions upon certain user-customized conditions in parsed trace data. For example, very common scenarios for event processing in FB TraceManager 3 are:


Colorize a cell or the entire row in the parsed trace data grid (see Trace Data Visualization) with a certain color, if e.g. the execution time of a traced statement exceeds a value of 5000 ms.
Send an email to a specified address in case of an unauthorized access.
Show an alert window if a particular table is accessed.
Execute an application upon a certain condition in trace data.
Play a sound if a particular trace event occurs.


This is what the Event Processing environment is exactly made for and is not limited to the examples mentioned above. It will help you to spot your user-defined conditions in parsed trace data in near real-time. This all is very flexible in respect to defining conditions on parsed trace data and executing custom actions. FB TraceManager 3 uses Pascal scripting for that, which gives you the full power of a programming language.


This section discusses this exciting feature for managing trace data.


To open the Event Processing module, simply click the Event Processing menu item in section 5 of the Main Screen.


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