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Browse - Trace Data

Browse - Trace Data

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Browse - Trace Data

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The Trace Data area offers access to the stored trace data in a pre-defined way, thus you don't have to worry about relationships (server, project, trace session, ...)  in the FB TraceManager 3 database.


New in V3.5: Purging of stored trace sessions and raw/parsed trace data is now available. Check out the Purge Options drop-down button.




The screen is divided again into different sections:


Section 1: List of projects
Section 2: Trace configuration for the selected project
Section 3: List of stored trace sessions. Pre-defined Purge Options allow you to delete stored trace sessions.
Section 4: Project trace configuration at trace session start
Section 5: Stored raw/parsed trace data for the selected trace session in section 3. Pre-defined Purge Options allow you to delete stored raw/parsed trace data.
Section 6: Memo-like data (e.g. SQL statement, execution plan, parameters, statistics, BLR, Service Options, Service Query Lines) of the selected trace data record in section 5


The different splitter hot-spots allow you to expand/collapse the different sections as you like.


By selecting a project in section 3 of the Main Screen and clicking the Browse Trace Data button, you now can navigate to the Browse - Trace Data area and pre-selecting the project in section 1 very easily.



What's next: Use Custom queries to access stored trace data in an query-by-example environment.


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