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Quick Start Guide - Register Database

Quick Start Guide - Register Database

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Quick Start Guide - Register Database

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For using the Database Monitoring capabilities, you first have to register a new database entry beneath a server entry. Select the server/database node and click the Register/Duplicate Database button in the toolbar of section 1 in the Main Screen.




Enter the following information:


Display name: This is the string shown in the list of databases.
Database name: Database path or alias.
User name: Name of the Firebird user you want to use for the database attachment.
Password: The user's password. The password will be stored encrypted in the FB TraceManager 3 database to suppress misuse in case someone is connecting to the FB TraceManager 3 database directly, e.g. via third-party tools like isql, Database Workbench, FlameRobin etc.
Role name: Role name used for the connection.
Character set: Character set used for the connection. Click the Refresh button the fetch the database default character set.
Client-Library: Specify an optional Firebird client library to be used in context of this particular database attachment.
Auto connect: Select this option if you want to connect to a particular database upon program start automatically.
Description: In the Description tab, you can enter a multi-line text to better describe your attachment.


The user name and password are optional to support Firebird trusted authentication on Windows platform.



What's next: The next QSG section Register Project will show you how to register a project.


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