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Quick Start Guide - Register Database

Quick Start Guide - Register Database

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Quick Start Guide - Register Database

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For using the Database Monitoring capabilities, you first have to register a new database entry beneath a server entry. Select the server/database node and click the Register/Duplicate Database button in the toolbar of section 1 in the Main Screen.




Enter the following information:


Display name: This is the string shown in the list of databases.
Database name: Database path or alias.
User name: Name of the Firebird user you want to use for the database attachment.
Password: The user's password. The password will be stored encrypted in the FB TraceManager 3 database to suppress misuse in case someone is connecting to the FB TraceManager 3 database directly, e.g. via third-party tools like isql, Database Workbench, FlameRobin etc.
Role name: Role name used for the connection.
Character set: Character set used for the connection. Click the Refresh button the fetch the database default character set.
Client-Library: Specify an optional Firebird client library to be used in context of this particular database attachment. Leave this empty to use the library provided in in the Register Server dialog.
Auto connect: Select this option if you want to connect to a particular database upon program start automatically.
Description: In the Description tab, you can enter a multi-line text to better describe your attachment.


The user name and password are optional to support Firebird trusted authentication on Windows platform.



What's next: The next QSG section Register Project will show you how to register a project.


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