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How To Use

How To Use

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How To Use

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Welcome to the FB TraceManager 3 documentation. This documentation will help you to get used to FB TraceManager 3, currently the only tool available on the market, which exposes the new Audit and Trace Services API introduced in Firebird 2.5 in a very user-friendly way.


Press F1 in the application to activate this help file. It will go to the topic that fits the current situation most.


Notation conventions

Menu paths are identified by bold text ( File | Save ) and the pipe symbol ( | ) between selections.
Italic text is used for dialog/window/button captions.



This documentation is based on the Enterprise Edition of FB TraceManager 3. If particular features in your running version aren't visible, read-only or grayed out, then you are using the Lite Edition or Standard Edition. More on the different editions and their feature set is available in the Product Editions section.



The here included screenshots will help you to understand particular features better, but they might not be up-to-date, so they can differ slightly from what you see in your used FB TraceManager 3 version.


New to FB TraceManager?

A good start is walking through the Quick Start Guide, which gets you up and running very quickly! We also have various Video Tutorials available online.


Have you been using a previous release already?

Walk through the What's New section, starting with What's new in V3.0, if you have been using a previous release in the past.



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Video Tutorials

Quick Start Guide

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