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Event Processing - Code Catalog

Event Processing - Code Catalog

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Event Processing - Code Catalog

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The Code Catalog is a productivity feature to maintain entire code or just fragments for later re-use. The Code Catalog is a freely definable tree-like structure with folders and catalog items. The FB TraceManager 3 database comes with a few catalog items out of the box, which might be extended with each release.




The toolbar allows you to:


1.Refresh the code catalog
2.Add new folders/catalog items
3.Delete existing nodes
4.Edit existing catalog items
5.Add a new catalog item based on an existing one


The Item Text at the bottom is read only. The change the code behind an existing catalog item or to create a new item, you have to use the Code Catalog Wizard, which is fairly easy.




Enter the displayed name and the script source and click Finish.


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