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Event Processing - Basics

Event Processing - Basics

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Event Processing - Basics

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Event processing is all about defining rules on a per-server or per-project basis with a particular rule type and properly written Pascal script code. In the Event Processing interface, rules are managed in a tree-like structure Rule Management area and Pascal code is written in the Script Builder area. A Code Catalog facility enables you to store pre-defined script code for later use in concrete rules. This all is stored in the FB TraceManager 3 database FBTM3.fdb, thus isn't lost when you are moving to another location.


When you open the Event Processing module by clicking the Event Processing menu item in section 5 of the Main Screen, you end up with the following screen and a few pre-defined items in the Code Catalog.




The Event Processing interface is divided into the following sections / flyout tool panels:


1.Rule Management: Stored rule definitions per project. The toolbar allows you to refresh/reload the rule definitions and to add/delete/edit/duplicate rules. Additionally, a context-menu allows you to disable/enable one ore more event rules.
2.Object Browser: This is a list of available functions and variables when writing Pascal code for the currently selected rule type.




3.Script Builder: Here you will write script code for the selected rule. You can change the font size and a color selector box allows you to easily add color constants at the current cursor position in the code. The Compile button will compile the script code and spots syntactical errors. Upon a successful compilation, the source code is stored in the database.
4.Code Catalog: Manage re-usable script code (fragments). The toolbar allows you to refresh/reload the code catalog and to add/delete/edit/duplicate code catalog items.





See in the next section Register Event Rule how to define a new rule.


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