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Analysis - Data Source

Analysis - Data Source

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Analysis - Data Source

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A pre-defined view in the FB TraceManager 3 database called V_ANALYSIS enables you basic access to the most important database tables and fields. The DDL statement of the view could like look the following but might be subject to change without notice in further releases:


  , s.display_name as server_display_name
  , s.host_name
  , s.port
  , p.project_name
  , p.session_name as project_session_name
  , ts.session_name as trace_session_name
  , ts.start_timestamp
  , ts.end_timestamp
  , tdp.*
  trace_data_parsed tdp
  join trace_session ts on (tdp.trace_session_id = ts.trace_session_id)
  join project p on (ts.project_id = p.project_id)
  join server s on (p.server_id = s.server_id);



This view can be used in the SQL statement of your analysis definition when running the Analysis Registration Wizard.


Attention: It's wise to ask only for data in your SQL statement which you actually will use in your analysis tasks. Data in the TRACE_DATA_PARSED table might grow dramatically over time, including various BLOB fields, which might affect load execution time of the cube negatively.


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