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Introduction - About FB TraceManager 3

Introduction - About FB TraceManager 3

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Introduction - About FB TraceManager 3

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With a modern and easy-to-use graphical user interface armed, FB TraceManager 3 exposes the new Firebird 2.5 tracing capabilities in its full power. Receiving Firebird's default semi-structured trace output as with fbtracemgr is the first step for more advanced features like a context-based parser, which transforms the raw output into easy understandable structured data with the optional capability to log trace data into an included FBTM3.fdb Firebird database.


Additional modules in FB TraceManager 3 for:


Data Analysis


tasks on logged trace data gives you a lot more than just receiving trace data from the Firebird server.


The powerful Event Processing module allows the script-based, programmable definition of event rules to get notified in various ways upon certain conditions in received trace data.


Beside continuous database monitoring through the Audit and Trace Services API, FB TraceManager 3 also offers per-database monitoring capabilities. This includes:


Header Page Monitoring
Database Statistics Monitoring
Monitoring (MON$) Tables


New in V3.0: A different view on trace data provides the newly introduced Hotspots Analysis per trace session. A real-time (on-the-fly) background analyzer thread processes and aggregates incoming parsed trace data from different perspectives, e.g. statement, procedure and/or trigger.


This all gives you an integrated toolset of various monitoring facilities to monitor and trace your Firebird databases to identify possible performance bottlenecks, suspicious database settings and much more.


FB TraceManager 3 comes in different editions with varying feature sets including a freely available Lite Edition. You will find more information on that in the Product Editions section.


If you are completely new to FB TraceManager 3 then you'd best start with the Quick Start Guide.



Enjoy the work with FB TraceManager 3 and thanks for your continued support.


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