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What's New in V2.5?

What's New in V2.5?

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What's New in V2.5?

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This section discusses the main new features in V2.5 since the last V2.0 release. If you are coming from V1, please read the What's new in V2.0 section first.



Compatibility to V2.0


Per default, V2.5 is installed into the same directory as V2.0 overwriting the existing executables. Upon V2.5 program start, your FBTM2.fdb database is upgraded automatically.



Database Monitoring


Starting with FB TraceManager V2.5, you get an additional per-database monitoring toolset. This includes:


Database Header Page Monitoring
Firebird Monitoring (MON$) Tables integration


More information is available in the Database Monitoring section.


Hint: Database monitoring is not included in the freely available Lite Edition.



Additional Trace Data Analysis Views


There have been four new analysis views in the FBTM2.fdb added:




V_AUDIT_LOGON encapsulates a bit more complex SQL statement to query logon/logoff information from stored trace data, produced when using the log_connections trace configuration option. The other three are based on that view and simply use the EVENT_STATE column to query certain states.


For example, if you want to query unauthorized connection events, e.g. due to a faulty user/password combination, you can do that by simply executing:





Usability enhancements


There have been a few usability enhancements added:


1.Dockable/pinnable "flyout" tool panels have been added for configuring trace data visualization instead of the various checkbox in the toolbar.
2.Flyout tool panel states are now stored and re-loaded upon program start.



Bug fixes


Minor stability issues have been resolved.


Check out the History section for the full change log.



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