Running Database Workbench under Wine on FreeBSD

Updated April 2004


One of our customers reported being able to successfully run Database Workbench under Wine on FreeBSD 4.8 - here's his report:

Wine install: (on FreeBSD 4.8)
(as root)
cd /usr/ports/wine
make install

(as user)
mkdir ~/c
cd ~/c
mkdir windows
cd windows
mkdir system
cd ~
mkdir ~/.wine
cp /usr/ports/emulators/wine/work/wine-20030408/documentation/samples/config
vi ~/.wine/config
* change "Path" = "/c" to "Path" = "/home/[username]/c"

Wine install done. Do a source ~/.cshrc to pick up the new binaries

Database Workbench (DBW) installs without modification, but an error at the end occurs.
So far, it seems harmless.

To run it, I needed three files from a windows box:

  • c:\windows\system\hhctrl.ocx
  • c:\windows\system\ODBCCP32.DLL
  • c:\windows\system\MSVCRT40.DLL
Put them all in the directory for DBW (In my case, ~/c/Program Files/Database Workbench/)
Save MSVCRT40 with a lower-case extension - something in a .bpl file needs it that way.

After that, cd into ~/c/Program Files/Database Workbench, and run:
wine DBWorkbench.exe

It complains a little about ODBC, but I'm not using that. The gui arrived, and it all seems fine.


Another user recently reported:

Succeeded to run DBWorkBench on Linux using wine-20030217. Copy following files :

  • gds32.dll
  • hhctrl.ocx
  • odbc32gt.dll
  • odbcad32.exe
  • odbcbcp.dll
  • odbcconf.exe
  • odbcconf.rsp
  • odbccp32.cpl
  • odbccp32.dll
  • odbccr32.dll
  • odbccu32.dll
  • odbcint.dll
  • odbcji32.dll
  • odbcjt32.dll
  • odbctrac.dll
into ~/c/Windows/System

This works fine on my box, without ODBC complains