Administration with Console

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When you start the TeamServer Console, you'll see the Login window first, with the default values for host, port and user name.


The default password for the "tsadmin" account is "masterkey".


The TeamServer Console allows you to modify TeamServer settings, add users and assign privileges to users and groups. For example, of the privileges is "Drop database", if you don't have that privilege, you cannot drop a database on a server in the shared repository.


TeamServer Console Login Window



After logging in, there's 3 tabs:



The functionality on the tabs is explained below.


1. Settings




The tcp port the TeamServer process is using, Database Workbench Enterprise clients need this setting as well

Data folder

The folder where the TeamServer stores its data

Backup folder

The folder where TeamServer creates the backups for its data

Default login name

The account name that appears in the User name edit box on the Login window


The data files of the TeamServer cannot be backed up directly by a third party application, parts of these files can be locked. If you want to create a back up using a third party application, use the data files in the Backup folder, there are static files that can be copied freely.


The Service Control buttons allow you to start and stop the Windows-service, just like the Services Control Panel applet would do.


2. Groups

"Groups" are sets of privileges, users can belong to multiple groups of privileges. These privilege groups can be used to give users privileges more easily.



You can easily add and delete groups, or edit the group name and description.


The Select Users link shows a dialog that allows you to select the users in the group of privileges.


For each group, you can select the privileges in the bottom part of the window, use Apply Changes to save your changes.


3. Users

Individual users can be created at the Users tab, privileges can be assigned in the bottom part of the window.


Database Workbench TeamServer comes with the admin user 'tsadmin', with privileges to access and use the TeamServer Console and an example user, with no privileges.