To-Do Items

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Besides the To-Do List in the Database Navigator, each object editor has a To-Do tab with a list as well. These lists are object specific and all to-do lists are saved locally in the Workspace project.


There is an overview window of all To-Do Items available via Tools | To-Do List.


There's two ways of adding new items, either use the context menu or click the "Click here to add a TO-DO item" text in the list.


Both will open up the New To-Do Item dialog, when you click OK, it will create a new item for you. You can assign items to a name and add a priority to the item. Click the header to sort the items in the list.


To-Do List for the all objects


If you tick the check box in front of the item, it's marked as "done". It won't be deleted automatically though.


Double click an item to edit it, use the DEL key, tool bar button or context menu Delete Item to delete an item from the list.