Session Recorder

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( Pro Edition )


Whenever you're changing metadata and you want to have the changes reflected at a deployed database - you can use the Session Recorder to keep track of the changes.


Session Recording can be turned on via Tools | Record Session Statements or via the connected Database Navigator (see screen shot below). Depending on your settings, these will be recorded to a file automatically.


The Database Navigator with Session Recorder menu


When using the main menu option, it will either turn the recorder on or off, depending on its current state. When turning it off, you will be presented with an option to view the recorded statements.


When using the Database Navigator button, you can click it to turn the recorder on/off and use additional options when pulling down the menu. Using Recording Options will open up the Preferences dialog. Here you can choose what to record (DML and/or DDL).


Selecting Clear Recorded Statements will clear the current recorded statements - they will be gone for good unless you have saved them to a file or are recording to file.


When you are recording for a session, the status bar of the main screen will display a flashing red sign. But only if the current connection is active - that is, when the Database Navigator or editor/other tool, connected via this session, has the screen focus.