Grant Manager

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Supported for ( Pro Edition )
Microsoft SQL Server
Sybase Anywhere


Many database servers support SQL grants for security purposes. Controlling these and viewing current rights can be a daunting task without a decent GUI tool.


Database Workbench supports SQL grants and offers you the Grant Manager, Tools | Grant Manager.


The Grant Manager - user/role access to database objects


The Grant Manager consist of three tabs maximum, all giving you a different view on your grants. It also supports grants for objects on other objects (as can be seen in the last tab) if the database system supports it.


The Filter drop down lets you select Tables, Views, Procedures or Functions in order to cut down the amount of objects in the view and/or drop down boxes.


Grants will not be executed unless you click the Execute Grant/Revoke Statements button. Any changes can be canceled by using the Cancel Changes/Reset button.


Depending on the database engine you're using, different columns are visible and different states ("granted", "denied" etc) are supported.


For tables and views and if the DBMS supports it, you can expand to see the individual columns and grant privileges to the columns as well. If a table or view has column privileges, a small black triangle is shown (see the above screen shot).



The grids support clicking the mouse button as well - making it easy for you to grant/revoke/reset your changes for rows, columns or the complete grid (see the small red circles on the screen shot).


Grant Templates

Database Workbench introduces the concept of "Grant Templates". You can save the SQL grants of a certain user or role and load them again. You can then use the Grant Templates button drop down menu to apply the grants to other users and/or roles.


This makes copying grants from one user/role to another very easy.


The Apply Current Template To... dialog


Select one or more grantees to apply the template - don't forget to use the save button to actually execute the grants.