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With the Type Editor you can create, alter and drop object types. It depends on the database system that you're using how an object type is defined. If you add a Type, any opened Table Editor will add these types to it's type drop down box. So you can quickly create a new type while creating a table.


The Oracle Type Editor


As you can see in the above screen shot, the Oracle Type Editor comes with a several tabs, there's Attributes, Methods and Source, which has the Specification and an optional Body source code tabs. If the type has methods, it needs to have a Body. In the source, the name of the object will be replaced, as the text says. You have to keep this text intact.


See also: Object Template Editor


In the Database Navigator, object types will be listed with optional methods and attributes.


An Oracle Object Type with both Attributes and Methods


An Object Type as listed in the Database Navigator.