Database Trigger Editor

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Supported for
Microsoft SQL Server
Firebird (v2.1 and up)


Database Triggers are pieces of code that are executed automatically by the database engine before or after certain actions occur on a database, eg "on connect" or "on create table".


The Database Trigger Editor offers the possibility to create, alter and drop database triggers. If you add or drop a trigger, the Database Triggers node in the Database Navigator tree-view will display the change as well by adding or deleting the database trigger from the list.


Below is an example of the MS SQL Database Trigger Editor:


MS SQL Server Database Trigger Editor


When you click the flashlight button, a Select Database Events dialog is shown.

Select events from a convenient tree


As you can see, you can select the events you want and Database Workbench will use the shortest option available. That is, if a "parent" node is selected, not the values for each child node will be used, but rather the parent value.