Registering a NexusDB Server

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In order to register a NexusDB server, you need to fill out the dialog below, reached via the Enterprise Manager and the Register Server button.


Register a NexusDB Server


Database Workbench can connect to NexusDB via three protocols:

Named Pipes
Shared Memory


Optionally, Database Workbench can use a secure network transport if you provide the secure key.


If you have your NexusDB server running at another port than the default, modify the Port value in the dialog. You can use the Get Servers flashlight button to discover running servers on your network if they have "respond to broadcast" turned ON, if not, enter the instance name and server hostname yourself.


Detect Servers button


Database Workbench needs the following information for a connection:


An user-defined alias name for the server - this is only used inside Database Workbench.


NexusDB server name: instance name followed by '@' and a hostname or IP address (eg: NexusDBv3@testserver )


Port that your NexusDB server is using to "listen" for incoming requests.


The default username for databases.


The password for the username given.


After a connection is established, you can filter the databases you want visible in the Enterprise Manager.



If your databases need a different username/password or need more than one username/password combination, then check the Options dialog.