Registering an InterBase Server

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In order to register an InterBase server, you need to fill out the dialog below, reached via the Enterprise Manager and the Register Server button.


Register an InterBase Server


Database Workbench needs the following information:


An user-defined alias name for the server - this is only used inside Database Workbench.


An Enterprise Manager folder for grouping your server registrations.


Hostname or IP address of the machine where the InterBase server process is running.


The network protocol to use when connecting to the server and databases on the server.

Client library

Database Workbench will use the first "gds32.dll" that it can find (in the Windows path). If you have multiple versions of InterBase, you may be required to select the correct client library here.


The default username for databases.


The password for the username given.

SYSDBA Password

The SYSDBA password, needed for server-related tasks like adding new users.


If you click OK, Database Workbench will test the connection - if this succeeds, the server will be registered and added to the Servers node in the Enterprise Manager.


To list databases on an InterBase server, you need to Register them. When you register a new server, Database Workbench will ask you if you want to register a database immediately - if you answer Yes, you will be shown the Register Database Wizard.