Restore Database

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It's easy to restore a database from a backup, if you create a "restore project". Double clicking the Restore node in the Enterprise Manager will open a window in which you can do that.



This functionality only works with InterBase SuperServer, version 6 or higher.
Database Workbench does not perform the restore, it instructs InterBase to restore the database and waits for the result.


The Restore a Database Window


The usual New, Save etc buttons are available on the toolbar (1). There's also a Run button which will start the restore and a copy gbak switches to clipboard button for use with the command line tool "gbak".


When creating or modifying a "restore project", you can select a "backup project" from the drop down list in (2). When you do this, Database Workbench will copy the info for Database (3) and Backup Files (4) from this backup project. You can modify this info by hand if you like. So, selecting a backup project can be seen as a template for a new restore project.


If you don't select a backup project, enter the information for Database (3) and Backup Files (4) yourself. Don't forget to enter a username/password combination. This user will be used as the (new) database owner.


For more information regarding backup and/or restore, see the InterBase documentation.