Database Validation & Repair

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Sometimes is useful to analyze your database integrity - InterBase can do this for you via the command-line tool "gfix". Database Workbench offers a visual interface to the same functionality.


You can reach Database Validation & Repair via the context menu Administration & Maintenance | Database Validation & Repair.



Database Workbench does not perform this validation, nor does it repair anything. This is "just" a visual interface to build-in InterBase functionality.
Only the first and only connection to the database can perform a validation & repair cycle.
This only works for InterBase SuperServer version 6 or higher.


Database Validation & Repair Wizard


Database Validation and Repair is a two-step process:



The wizard will guide you through this process.


1. Database Validation

The second page of the wizard holds the authentication information and database location. This information is take from the server registration properties and the database registration properties.


Next is the "Validation Options" page - this page holds the options as described in the InterBase documentation. Using the Validate! button will start the validation process.


After validation has completed, Database Workbench will show you the result of the validation process - if any errors come up, it will also enable the next wizard pages, the ones for Database Repair.


Errors were found during the validation process


2. Database Repair

After errors were found and you have clicked the Next button, the repair options will be shown.


Database Validation & Repair Wizard - repair options


By using the Repair button, Database Workbench will start the repair process and a report will be available when it's finished.



This functionality is only available for InterBase 6 SuperServer or higher.