Tips & Tricks

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Just a few quick tips and trick when using Database Workbench:


Try drag and drop from, for example, the Describe Companion or the tree view in the Using the Database Navigator. Dragging a column list to any code editor will result in a comma separated list of column names. You can also drag column(s) to any Stored Procedure Editor to create variables with the same datatype as the column(s).


Use your context sensitive menu - do it often. Lots and lots of windows in Database Workbench have these menus and are shortcuts to functionality, but - because of database engine specific features - also the only way to access certain pieces of functionality. A bold item in a context menu is the default action for if you would have double clicked, for example, a tree node.


Use the keyboard in, for example, the Table Editor - this way, you will be creating tables in a fast and far more convenient manner compared to using the mouse only. There are a lot of (global) shortcuts to make your life easier.


For more, better and new features - use the website - - either the mail form or the news groups - request features, comment on existing ones - don't hold back. The aim is to create a better tool that helps you in getting the job done.