The Main Screen

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Database Workbench comes with a user interface that's optimized for productivity. Below is a screen shot of the main window:


The Database Workbench Main Screen


Server Manager

For a detailed description on using the Server Manager, see Using the Server Manager.


Docking Areas

On the far left, right and bottom, there are "docking areas", places where tools can be docked, see Docking Tools. The Server Manager is docked by default to the left docking area and cannot be closed. Tools like the Describe Companion and SQL Catalog will be docked to the right while the Server Output window will be docked to the bottom.


The Main Workspace

The main workspace will be occupied by all sorts of windows, like the Object Editors, the Data Pump, the Grant Manager etc... Windows in here are called "child windows" and can be minimized and maximized. All child windows are tracked in the Windows menu item and the Open Windows screen - grouped by connection (if applicable) by default. The Open Windows dialog can be reached via View | Open Windows.



The Database Workbench toolbars cannot be customized, but can be moved and made floating by grabbing the "grab handles" at the left part of the toolbar. Some toolbars can be closed, you can always make them re-appear via View | Toolbars | <toolbar name> from the main menu.